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Some party insiders complain that the campaign is too tough, destroying incentives and damaging economic growth. Some suspect he is using corruption as a stick with which to beat his political enemies.

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Aside from being more academically prepared to enter college — fromlearning how to write a college-level paper, to understanding he couldn't rely exclusively on a calculator for math — Castro says he gained outside knowledge that has helped him along the way. Upon entering the university last year, he already had friends on campus, knew how to communicate with professors and could navigate his way around campus — social adjustments that can often overwhelm new students.

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Soldiers fanned out through some of the most treacherous terrain, where helicopters cannot land, including around the glacial lake of Tilicho, about four days' trek from the main circuit, and the distant villages of Naar and Phu near Tibet.


German weekly Spiegel reported that Berlin and Paris are secretly discussing a deal to enable the European Commission to approve Paris’s draft 2015 budget whereby France will provide Brussels with a detailed roadmap for deficit reduction and structural reform.French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday he was sure the European Commission would not rejectthe budget.

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DENVER (AP) — Peyton Manning’s receivers played keep-away with his milestone memento and the NFL’s new leader in career touchdown passes toyed with the San Francisco 49ers in the Denver Broncos’ 42-17 victory Sunday night. Manning went into the showdown two TDs shy of Brett Favre’s record of 508, and threw four touchdown passes to reach 510.

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Republican brass also have gone on a candidate education campaign to make sure no one makes a foolish comment to alienate women, like GOP Missouri Senate contender Todd Akin’s saying in 2012 that women don’t get pregnant after a “legitimate rape,” a remark that led to an enormous gender gap and lost him the election. Yet Republicans still trail among female voters. Why? Women, whether Democrat or Republican or independent, are “the party of busy. They have lots of things to get done every day, as professional women and working moms,” McCleskey says. “A lot of times, Republicans don’t make the case very well on that.”

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Australia has previously floated ambitious plans to use damsand irrigation to develop marginal land in the outback, butfinancial and environmental constraints mean it has not built amajor new dam in decades.

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Five years later, results were encouraging enough to try a second "seed population." A second release site, deep in the Smoky Mountains, failed miserably. Young pups died from disease, and some of the parents wandered away. The program was shut down in 1998.

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It is more than two months since a police officer in this area shot dead 18-year-old African American Michael Brown. The media gaze may have turned elsewhere, but the almost daily confrontations with the police continue.

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Japan's central bank has maintained its economic assessment for eight of the country's nine regions in its quarterly report, saying they continue to recover. The north-eastern Tohoku region cut its assessment from July, to say that the recovery trend is slowing.

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NASA is currently in the process of handing the responsibility of sending cargo and crews to the space station to private firms such as SpaceX, Boeing and Orbital Sciences Corporation. Meanwhile, the space agency is trying to focus on sending crews on missions beyond low-Earth-orbit. In the case of propulsive descent technology, NASA

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The Guild statement noted "a certain deficit of transparency in the functioning of the government," citing the delay in setting up a media liaison in the PMO and restricting access to ministers and bureaucrats.

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The Broncos quarterback passed Favre to become the all-time touchdown pass leader on Sunday night, but Sterger, the former sideline reporter for the Jets who claimed in 2010 that Favre sent her suggestive text messages and explicit pictures of himself, had a message for Manning on Twitter.

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In addition to the four arrested for assault, police on Sunday announced the arrest of a man suspected of inciting others "on an online forum to join the unlawful assembly in Mong Kok, to charge at police and to paralyze the railways".

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