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Murray didn't return in the first half after falling down in the open field on his longest run before halftime, a 21-yard sprint around right end. He spent a few minutes with trainers on the sideline but didn't leave the field.

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“I thought we were fortunate, I’ve got be honest,” Brendan Rodgers said after his club’s wild 3-2 victory. “I like to win and I like to win on the way that we work on a daily basis. That was nowhere near what I would expect from a team of mine.”

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The 2014 Royals’ biggest strength has been relief pitching and Gubicza said the 1985 club, too, relied heavily on pitching — but in a different way. With Brett Saberhagen, Charlie Liebrandt, Danny Jackson and Bud Black joining him in the rotation, “we got a lot of innings from our starters and basically needed only nine pitchers,” he said. “This team has more similarities with theYankees teams from the late ’90s with Mariano Rivera. The relievers are so good that the games are shorter. This team doesn’t need as many innings from its starters.”

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The EU has pros and cons like everything in life. The cons in my opinion outweigh the pros. A strong trading block with minimal red tape and good business rates and rules is very sensible. Some free movement of workers between states of equal economic standing is also sensible, not the unequal situation we have today though which in reality is social engineering.

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"We had no idea that so many people were trekking there,"said ACAP officer Junu Thapa. "Foreign tourists should registerand not venture out on their own with local boys who pretend tobe professional guides."

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"So, we have a value called Stealth, which tells us at any given moment how stealthy the player is being - how much noise they are making, how close they are to an enemy, the enemy's awareness of the player.

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