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You happily point out how great your life is. The only things wrong with it are the absence of a pet pooch and the presence of a grumpy animal hater. You’ve managed to get through life for 18 years with no dog hair on the furniture so I wonder what has brought this issue to a head now. I imagine it has a great deal more to do with your marriage than your fondness for canine companionship. Try to sort out your feelings for your husband before you bring a four-legged third party into the equation. Your letter suggests you find your husband very controlling but surely the best way to address that is by him being less controlling, rather than by you making big confrontational gestures like showing up with a kitten. Did you ever love this man, or has he just provided the two sons and life that you adore? Having a dog is wonderful and they can provide great companionship and love, but even I am hesitant to suggest they are worth throwing away a marriage for. Remember: a husband isn’t just for Christmas…

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Brianna Wu, one of the women targeted in the Gamergate affair, told the BBC earlier this week that Twitter needed to be far more active in addressing this issue. She said that, as a software developer, she could see several solutions that would be easy to engineer. "We want an option for users not to see tweets from accounts opened within the last 30 days, so that they don't have to keep blocking. We want shared blocklists and we want Twitter to be more transparent in working with law enforcement."

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Abe must decide by year-end whether to implement a planned hike in the sales tax to 10 percent from October 2015. A rise in April to 8 percent pushed the world's third-largest economy into its deepest quarterly slump since the 2009 global financial crisis.

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The net loss and sales were in line with the expectations ofanalysts polled by Reuters, who had forecast a net loss of 107million euros on sales of 5.6 billion euros. The EBITA loss,however, was far worse than the average forecast for a 59million euro profit.

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Mr Chen is available "from 7pm to 12pm on workdays and all day on weekends, and charges 10 yuan an hour for an escorted run and chat", according to his Taobao ad. This is five yuan cheaper than the going rate, and he hopes to pick up more clients that way. Although many office workers cite the need for motivation, Mr Chen says others "sign up for safety reasons while running at night".

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* Thai full-service carrier Bangkok Airways Co Ltd haspriced its initial public offering at 25 baht (0.77 U.S. cents)per share, as it raises 13 billion baht ($402.23 million) tofund expansion, people with knowledge of the matter said onSaturday.

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Not all CTE programs are of equal quality. By bringing CTE up to Regents exam status, Tisch and King’s plan will help New York finally move the needle on college and career readiness among its public school graduates and set more of our kids on a course for success.

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Thanks in part to the efforts of Michael Gove, the chief whip (who is firmly on the side of the angels in this matter), the Tories are now expected to permit a free vote in the debate next week. We urge Labour to follow suit. That would give backbenchers of all parties the chance to listen to Zac Goldsmith, the most dogged champion of true recall, and amend the Bill in line with recall’s original principles. In doing so, they would not just make a bad measure better, but go some way to winning back their constituents’ trust.

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Tokyo shares in particular were underpinned by expectationsthat Japan's $1.2 trillion Government Pension Investment Fund,the world's largest public pension fund, will likely raise itsallocation for domestic stocks to about 25 percent, according topeople familiar with the process.

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The largest economy in Europe's emerging east is obliged by the terms under which it joined the European Union in 2004 to adopt the single currency at some point. The government has not set a target date, however, and says it will not do so until it has seen the final shape of new euro zone institutions.

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For profit school operator ITT Educational Services ESI gets an F for its recent stock performance. Until Friday, shares had tumbled 88% from 52-week highs. But the company made the top of Wall (…)

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Hayes, while confident, is readily critical of his own shortcomings. He “hasn’t shown up on the score sheet,” so one of his goals is to change that immediately. Perhaps more importantly, he “must work on” face-offs, where he is just 10-for-37 (27%) through three games.

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Barack Obama has now appointed an "Ebola czar"--Ron Klain, former chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden and currently the general counsel of an investment group--to oversee the U.S. government's response to Ebola. Yet Klain has zero experience in health care.

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His current government had been little touched by scandal until the cabinet reshuffle. Abe's ruling coalition has a hefty parliamentary majority and no general election need be held until 2016, but the opposition Democrats have taken aim at new ministers in debates to try to dent Abe's popularity.

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LONDON - When Europe announced its latest health check oftop banks early last year it promised a "comprehensiveassessment" of how well prepared they were to withstand anotherfinancial crisis. In practice, a spirit of comprehensivecompromise has been just as important. (ECB-BANKS/TESTS(GRAPHIC), moved, by Laura Noonan, 1,560 words)

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Favre described Harvin, his teammate in Minnesota for two seasons, as a “quiet” guy. “They (the media) may try to pick him apart. How he will react to that, I have no idea,” Favre said. “Hopefully they (the Jets’ PR staff) will protect him as he transitions into the rest of this season ... If you start picking him apart, I won’t say he will turn against you, but he’s tough.”


The images are carefully composed, whether of faces and mouths or beady eyes, a blurred shark speeding towards its prey, a white underbelly twisting elegantly beside a reef, or abstract-seeming dorsal fins or gills breaking the surface of the sea.

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