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In focus was whether the equity markets can retain their semblance of calm in the face of coming data. Indicators including September industrial output, retail sales and third quarter GDP will be released in China on Tuesday. ECONCN

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He told MPs: "I will look very carefully at all amendments that come forward because, frankly, in getting this Bill together we have come up with the minimum acceptable for recall, but I think there are a lot of very good arguments to be had about how we can go further, and I look forward to having them in the House of Commons."

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Kerry wasted no time in getting to that point, thanking the Malaysian premier for his country’s “strong statements” against the Islamic State group’s radical ideology, the officials said. But Kerry also made clear that the international community must continue to do more to crack down on foreign fighters, they said.

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The makers of the "Hot Shots Calendar" defended its content Sunday saying, "It's harmless pin-up entertainment that over the years has helped raise awareness and donations for injured veteran charities in both the UK and USA."

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Kerry will also meet the prime ministers of Malaysia and Singapore, the Sultan of Brunei, Australia's prime minister and the foreign minister of the Philippines and will seek more help in the U.S.-led effort against Islamic State in the Middle East.

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Roughly 1,000 demonstrators in Mong Kok launched a freshassault early on Sunday, putting on helmets and goggles beforesurging forward to grab a line of metal barricades hemming theminto a section of road.

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Stedman Bailey had a 90-yard touchdown on a trick return that fooled the Seahawks into thinking another player was going to catch the punt, and Benny Cunningham’s 75-yard kickoff return set up an early touchdown for the Rams (2-4).

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This time, running back Ronnie Hillman darted through the line for a career-long 37-yard run that made it 35-10. He added a 1-yarder as the Broncos (5-1) discovered a ground game to go with Manning’s passing prowess. Manning completed 22 of 26 passes for 318 yards with no interceptions to go with his four TD throws before taking the fourth quarter off. “I’m not sure what their coaches do,” 49ers safety Eric Reid said. “They probably don’t have to do much. When he’s out there on the field, he recognizes the defense and makes audibles, he does it all. You’re playing against a coordinator when he’s out there. He’s definitely one of the best, if not the best, ever.”

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Mr Haldane's caution about global economic prospects were echoed by the Chancellor, George Osborne, who told the BBC that the worldwide economy was "more unstable than it has been for some time".

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But the Lib Dem leader added: "I believe in reform. I do not believe in exit. The Conservatives are embarked on a strategy which has only one final destination - which is leaving the EU altogether."


Royal Bank of Scotland Group Plc, which is set to enterthe peer-to-peer lending market, marks the latest sign ofalternative finance getting a grip by moving into themainstream. (Compiled by Rama Venkat Raman in Bangalore; Editing byMeredith Mazzilli)

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Besides Mong Kok, about 1,000 protesters are camped out atthe headquarters of the civil disobedience "Occupy" movement onHong Kong Island in a sea of tents on an eight-lane highwaybeneath skyscrapers close to government headquarters.

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“While we support the principle of Recall we would be concerned if the model gave too much power to well-funded interests to unseat MPs just because they disagree with the way they voted.”

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I have seen American flags burned at anti-drone protests in Pakistan, and seen them stamped on after air strikes on the Gaza Strip, but this weekend the Stars and Stripes were set alight by some protesters in Missouri.

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Amendments proposed by Tory MP Zac Goldsmith would allow a by-electoin if five per cent of voters in a constituency sign a “notice of intent to recall” and 20 per cent of voters sign a “recall petition”.

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The remains were discovered roughly 6 miles from where the body of 20-year-old Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington was found after she vanished in 2009. Police have said forensic evidence connects Matthew to Harrington's killing, which in turn is linked by DNA to a 2005 sexual assault in northern Virginia. Matthew hasn't been charged in those cases.

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"Stroke survivors currently face chronic service deficits - one in three have no access to physiotherapy and half can't get any speech and language therapy or occupational therapy. Just 11% have access to psychological services despite the often severe mental health impact of stroke and 36% pay privately for rehabilitation," Mr Dempsey said.

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They looked at the development of Alzheimer's disease in a group of older people who had been prescribed benzodiazepines. Over a six-year period, almost 1,800 cases of Alzheimer's were detected and these were compared to over 7,000 people of similar age who did not have the disease.

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Faye has been writing about cars and environmental issues since 2007. A suspected eco-warrior working on the corporate inside, Faye mainly likes the weird, quirky vehicles that show a distinct environmental advantage. Her ideal car has enough room to fit a bale of hay in the boot. When not working, she likes nothing better than to head out on her bicycle and explore the countryside.

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Yet the firms still added jobs at a healthy pace, which usually pushes wages higher as employers compete for workers. The figures suggest that the number of people out of work remains high enough that companies aren't under any pressure to raise pay.

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Hands should be washed for a minimum of 15 seconds in order to kill germs that cause infection, however the survey of almost 1,000 Irish adults, which was carried out last month, has found that 67% do not wash their hands for the recommended time.

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In a mid-stage trial, the injectable drug - which is alsobeing tested against asthma and chronic sinusitis - hadsignificantly reduced skin lesions and itching in adult patientssuffering from atopic dermatitis, a chronic form of eczema thatis poorly controlled by standard drugs.

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"Complacency about intentional weight loss, or a misinterpretation of body image dissatisfaction as the ‘normal discontent' of westernised females has no place in managing these very vulnerable individuals. All clinicians in contact with children should be aware of the warning signs and make the appropriate referrals for treatment," they said.

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I really enjoyed watching – then carefully reading – the Prime Minister’s speech in Birmingham. It was just what this country needed: some solid, traditional small-c conservative policies with a little bit of Gladstone thrown in. I couldn't help but cheer when I heard we were committing to raising the personal tax allowance, raising the 40p tax threshold, attempting to renegotiate EU immigration rules, creating 3 million new apprentices, and introducing a British Bill of Rights.

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But AbbVie's U-turn after the U.S. government proposed newtax rules has now focused attention on Shire's future as anindependent company and its own potential for makingacquisitions, or else becoming a target once again.

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Vinson's family issued a statement Sunday saying they have hired a lawyer and are troubled by comments and media coverage that "mischaracterize" Vinson, who is being treated at Emory University in Atlanta. Vinson "has not and would not knowingly expose herself or anyone else," the statement says.

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At the same time, the unemployment rate here fell to 6.8% last month, hitting its lowest point in almost five years. Again we cheer, because the trend signals greater opportunity for paycheck earners.

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Sue Whalley, chief operations officer at Royal Mail, was quoted by the Guardian as commenting: “Christmas is the busiest time of the year for Royal Mail and we plan all year round to help ensure we deliver the best possible service to our customers. Every Christmas, we make a substantial financial commitment in additional resources to handle the festive mailbag, including the recruitment of thousands of temporary workers.”

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Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy - most often in the second or third trimester. It usually disappears after the baby is born, although women who develop it are at an increased risk of developing diabetes later on.

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* GLAXOSMITHKLINE /EBOLA: Britain's biggest drugmakerGlaxoSmithKline said on Saturday work to develop a vaccine to combat Ebola,which has killed thousands in West Africa, was moving at a rapid pace.

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You have to be over 45 to remember the 1980s TV drama, Tenko, about a group of British and Australian women interned in a camp on Sumatra, which is also the setting for the 1997 film, Paradise Road, about American and Dutch women struggling to survive in a camp in Palembang.

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"I appointed them and as prime minister, I bearresponsibility," Abe told reporters at his office. "I deeplyapologise to the people of the nation." Abe added he wanted topick successors for the two posts within the day.

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As the search for dozens still missing on the snow-covered Himalayan slopes continues and relatives around the world wait in desperation for news of their loved ones, more foreigners are preparing to hit the trail.

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Dickens said: "Working mums should set their own flexibility. SMEs will miss out on a massive piece of the talent pool if they don't invest in making it possible for working mums to get back to work after they have had kids."

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The survey was carried out on behalf of the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU). The union is advising all young people involved in sport, particularly rugby, that breakfast is an essential part of their daily diet.

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When Gabriel reveals there's a chance of bringing home a decent meal from his community's food bank, suspicious Rick makes the priest come with them to check it out. Before he leaves with Bob, Sasha, Mychonne and Gabriel though, Rick gives one downer of a pep talk to Carl about NEVER being safe. The wise little cowboy is insistent though that even in this crazy world, the group can still trust and help people. We'll see about that...

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The beatification is the first step toward possible sainthood, after the Vatican certified a miracle tied to his involvement regarding a California boy whom doctors predicted would be born with serious birth defects.

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Give DeMarco Murray, Tony Romo and Dez Bryant credit. They are a reasonable facsimile of Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin right now. It’s a pick-your-poison proposition and the Giants chose Murray. Stop him, they felt, and Romo might revert to his gambling days, with the Giants historically able to call his bluff.

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Barroso said the U.K.’s global influence would be reducedif it left the EU. “Could the U.K. get by without a little helpfrom your friends? My answer is probably not,” Barroso said inthe speech text.

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But the old-fashioned outlets are expected to offer one big advantage over their slicker private rivals: a less combative and questioning platform from which Modi can get his message out to tens of millions of Indians.

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Both systems require the same NFC. So no store accepting Apple Pay is turning away Google wallet unless they choose to. It’s the users that are refusing to use Google wallet because its Alpha Test grade software.

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“To me, it just seemed like a death trap holiday. I didn’t know if we’d be even able to go trick-or-treating. I didn’t want them to reach into candy and pick up something that could make them sick,” she said.

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The jeonse system developed decades ago, when banks' lending was focused on financing South Korea's rapid industrialization, and the mortgage lending market was under-developed in a country emerging from the ravages of post-war poverty.

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Mark Gubicza earned it in the second season of his 14-year career, when his Kansas City Royals defeated the St. Louis Cardinals for the 1985 world championship in seven games. He stopped wearing it, at least in part because of his job as a broadcaster for the Angels. Then, in the first week of this month he ran into a former Royals teammate who suggested he rethink the decision.

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"As a society we are abjectly failing both the one in four of our children who are overweight or obese and the estimated 20% who go to bed hungry at night because their families cannot adequately feed them. The Children's Future Health Fund would provide a means for the Government to tackle this appalling reality and to actually boost its coffers at the same time," commented the IHF's head of advocacy, Chris Macey.

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Trans fats are artificially produced fats that are used in thousands of processed foods, from fried food to biscuits and ready-meals. They have already been linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

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"IndiGo is showing us the level of confidence it has in itsown sustainability, in the long-term growth of aviation and inthe future performance of the Indian economy," said HarshVardhan, chairman at Delhi-based Starair Consulting.

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As head of the powerful Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Obuchi, a telegenic mother of two, was tasked with selling Abe's unpopular plan to restart offline nuclear reactors to a public worried about safety after the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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The write-in campaign arose from Daywitt and the other candidates' inability to go to City Hall and declare their candidacy without being shackled at the ankles or handcuffed, sparking their requests for additional freedoms, including halfway houses, the Tribune added.

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"And when summer comes and you don’t need the heaters any more, turn them off at the wall, not just by turning the dials to zero. Remember you will need to turn them on again the day before you need the heating to come back on."

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LONDON, Oct 19 (Reuters) - When Europe announced its latesthealth check of top banks early last year it promised a"comprehensive assessment" of how well prepared they were towithstand another financial crisis.

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Data on Tuesday is expected to show that China's economylikely grew at its weakest pace in more than five years in thethird quarter as a property downturn weighed on demand,according to analysts polled by Reuters, raising the chances ofmore aggressive policy steps.

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"We found that obese girls had a nearly six-fold higher risk of hypertension than normal weight girls. In obese boys the risk was more than four times greater than their normal weight counterparts," Prof Schwandt said.

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Outside Jean Noel's office I meet Anil Ghuburrun, who has come to see about payment for his sugar cane. A few days later he takes me to his smallholder farm in Flacq, near the island's east coast. The land is hilly and full of rocks.

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The S Pen may look the same as the previous model but pressure sensitivity has been improved and there are two new effects — calligraphy pen and fountain pen. Pressing harder when writing will result in broader and darker strokes which will allow you to get creative with your doodling.

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"Steel product prices are weakening in Asia as China isstepping up its exports while steel demand at home has not beenas strong as we had expected due to shortages of labour andprocessing machineries," Tokyo Steel's Managing Director KiyoshiImamura told reporters.

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Rightmove's latest asking price data for England and Wales suggests home owners are asking 2.6% more for their property this month compared with the previous month. That takes the average asking price to 271,669 on average. Believe it or not the rise in asking prices this months is the slowest for the time of year since 2008.

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Outrage has not ebbed over revelations of immense wealth and conspicuous consumption among former President Yanukovych's inner circle - including an opulent estate owned by Mr Yanukovych himself, and a massive collection of gold bars belonging to one of his ministers.

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