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The long-term outlook for Uranium is positive and the worlds largest Uranium producers are confident that the next few years will see a return to robust demand growth. The main growth markets for the metal are the BRIC countries, but demand from Western economies is expected to rise as well. The automotive and aerospace industries are seen as the main catalysts for new growth as manufacturers seek to reduce fuel consumption by creating lighter weight vehicles.


With the Nov. 4 mid-term elections imminent, Obama now plans to campaign in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Maine — though some Democrats are keeping their distance, given the President’s low approval ratings.

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"We have headwinds from currency and we have these massiveone-off incidents like this jury verdict in the United States ona patent litigation case and a one-off write-off relating to theCleveland situation," van Houten told Reuters Insider.

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On Sunday, a Carnival Cruise Lines ship returned to Galveston, Texas, from a seven-day trip marred by worries over a health worker on board who was being monitored for Ebola. The lab supervisor had handled a specimen from Duncan and isolated herself on the ship as a precaution.

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Returning to the idea of an immigration cap, he added: "We have to see the proposals. I cannot yet tell you exactly the response. But it seems to me that an arbitrary cap will never be accepted."

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"We found that emotional, behavioural and substance use problems are 2.6 to 4.5 times more common among victims of cyberbullying. And these impacts are not due to face-to-face bullying, they are specific to cyberbullying," noted Prof Frank Elgar of McGill University.

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IBM says it will make a "major business announcement" today. Various newspapers including the Wall Street Journal think it will sell off its loss-making microchip-making business. IBM will pay Globalfoundries $1.5bn (931m) to take the chip operations off its hands, says the WSJ.

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They said that while many factors can influence the risk of developing dementia, ‘our personality may determine behavior, lifestyle and how we react to stress, and in this way affect the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease'.

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Adidas, the world's second largest sports apparel firm behind Nike, bought the U.S.-headquartered Reebok in August 2005 for $3.8 billion. It enjoyed initial success with a range of toning shoes, but has since struggled.

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Japan's central bank has maintained its economic assessment for eight of the country's nine regions in its quarterly report, saying they continue to recover. The north-eastern Tohoku region cut its assessment from July, to say that the recovery trend is slowing.

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At various other points in its complicated history, the emerald was squabbled over by a Colombian drug gang at a hotel in the Nevada desert, an incident which is said to have come close to turning into a “bloodbath,” and was promised to the fraudster Bernie Madoff, who failed to secure it only because he was arrested two days before the handover was due to take place.

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As head of the powerful Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Obuchi, a telegenic mother of two, was tasked with selling Abe's unpopular plan to restart offline nuclear reactors to a public worried about safety after the March 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster.

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Consummate actress that she is, Lynda Bellingham is chatting energetically about death. Her own. Everything is in place, down to the last detail. Letters and instructions to loved ones, her will, a funny, heart-wrenching memoir finished in the nick of time. Even her second novel has been delivered to the publishers. The rustle of loose ends being tied up is deafening.

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"Recently, AGEs have been implicated in insulin resistance, pancreatic beta-cell damage, and diabetes, partly because they promote oxidative stress and inflammation. Moreover, intervention studies with a diet low in AGEs have shown significantly improved insulin sensitivity, reduced oxidant stress, and alleviated inflammation," they pointed out.

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