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A small electronic device, almost like a real-life video game, is available to train teen drivers today. And they're available for little more than was paid for their first iPhone. Other than a guardian angel sitting in the passenger seat - A better driving trainer for teenagers could not come to us even in our dreams. And they learn while they're gaining real experience behind the wheel.


For its part, NASA tasked a WB-57 plane, described by the agency as a twin jet engine high-altitude research aircraft, based out of Johnson Space Center in Texas. The aircraft was equipped with long-range infrared optical system. The WB-57 was uniquely suited for the task as it has a gimbal-mounted video camera system which is affixed to the aircraft’s nose.

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Lopez is out for at least the remainder of the preseason with a sprained foot. On Sunday, the Nets went with a small lineup, starting Mason Plumlee at center (6 points, 4 rebounds) and Mirza Teletovic at power forward (3, 6).

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That said, one of the first compromises of the process camejust two months into it, when the ECB privately acknowledged,according to sources with knowledge of the discussions, thatthere were "real dangers" of negative consequences if the bankswere kept in the dark about how they were faring right up untilthe results were announced.

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In a letter to legal gun owners, a British police organization, the Association of Chief Police Officers, said the revamped guideline does not grant police any new powers but clarifies “the basis on which the visits should be conducted.”

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Although the LME, the world’s largest metal exchange by volume, focuses primarily on metals such as aluminium, copper and zinc, concerns over the impact of a slowing global economy will be weighing on everyone from the trading community who is attending the week-long gathering in London.

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Buyers in the Asia-Pacific region showed the biggest drop in buying plans, down about 12 percentage points, while buying expectations in the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, and North America fell by 8, 11, and 6 percentage points, respectively, the survey found.

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The dead include Canadian, Indian, Israeli, Japanese, Nepalese, Polish and Slovak trekkers. Survivors said many people perished trying to descend in freezing whiteout conditions from the highest pass of the 240-km (150-mile) trail around Annapurna, which offers dramatic views of crags and hamlets.

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In a keynote address Friday, Fed Chair Janet Yellen said she was concerned about the rising inequality of wealth andincome in the United States, which she said by some measures is at its worst in over a century. Ms. Yellen suggestedsuch high levels of inequity might run against basic American values, such as equality of opportunity.

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In addition to the four arrested for assault, police on Sunday announced the arrest of a man suspected of inciting others "on an online forum to join the unlawful assembly in Mong Kok, to charge at police and to paralyze the railways".

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If you can afford to give everyone a welcome cocktail, I think it is totally acceptable to follow that with a pay bar and, depending on your budget you can provide catered food or use your friends and family to help rustle up some simple crowd-pleasing grub. You don’t need to make a speech, you don’t need to stay to the bitter end and you don’t need to speak to everyone. Have one cake for the three sisters, slap a smile on your face for a few hours and don’t drink too much. On the day you will be hideously nervous and you may well curse me for encouraging you to go ahead with this bash; but in a few years’ time, when you are scrolling through pictures of smiling friend and relatives, some by then lost, you will thank me. Happy birthday

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