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Federal Judge Frederic Block, who is 80, disclosed he's getting hitched Saturday to his longtime girlfriend just as he began presiding over a trial in which the two defendants are charged with torturing and killing their victims.

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You happily point out how great your life is. The only things wrong with it are the absence of a pet pooch and the presence of a grumpy animal hater. You’ve managed to get through life for 18 years with no dog hair on the furniture so I wonder what has brought this issue to a head now. I imagine it has a great deal more to do with your marriage than your fondness for canine companionship. Try to sort out your feelings for your husband before you bring a four-legged third party into the equation. Your letter suggests you find your husband very controlling but surely the best way to address that is by him being less controlling, rather than by you making big confrontational gestures like showing up with a kitten. Did you ever love this man, or has he just provided the two sons and life that you adore? Having a dog is wonderful and they can provide great companionship and love, but even I am hesitant to suggest they are worth throwing away a marriage for. Remember: a husband isn’t just for Christmas…

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Such a situation may seem hard to grasp in a region that gave women the vote in the early 1900s, rolled out gender quotas in politics in the 1970s and legalized shared parental leave in order to see fathers out pushing prams as often as mothers.

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"Noise, a large group of people, and their own anxiety of trying to self calm in the room can lead them to become over loaded and not follow instructions. Going into a school can feel overwhelming. If teachers don't understand this complex condition, the child can end up with severe anxiety and low self-esteem," she said.

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That situation, by the way, was just as dire as this one. After seven weeks last season the 1-6 Giants were three games back in the division race — the exact same distance back they are right now. And even worse, this year’s schedule isn’t exactly set up for the Giants to go on a roll, not with the Colts, Seahawks (at Seattle) and 49ers up next before their rematch with the Cowboys.

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"The more physically active people were, the fewer depressive symptoms they reported. Just as someone might be a little overweight but not clinically overweight or obese, many people who are not clinically depressed could still experience some depressive symptoms," she noted.

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"The blues is not a kind of music, it's how you feel. Certain lyrics just come out, and that's what blues is to me," Aren tells me. These, I have to remind myself, are the words of a 10-year-old boy.


As he nears the lame duck phase of his presidency, polls show Obama is unpopular, thanks in part to a mediocre economy, the war with ISIS terrorists and anxiety over the Ebola outbreak, among other matters.

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"Absolutely," Whitesides agrees. "I hate using a 'rumsfeldism', but it's true - you don't know what you don't know, and it's only when you've gotten into something that you really know how hard it's going to be.

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Although the embargo cannot be ended without the backing of Congress, the newspaper argued there was much President Barack Obama could do unilaterally - from removing Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism to lifting caps on remittances.

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IBM says it will make a "major business announcement" today. Various newspapers including the Wall Street Journal think it will sell off its loss-making microchip-making business. IBM will pay Globalfoundries $1.5bn (931m) to take the chip operations off its hands, says the WSJ.

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“There is a point when the laser hits your eye that you lose sight for a split second,” Wallenda told the Daily News. “It made me wonder if I could continue to do what I do without seeing anything.”

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"When I was in college, every summer I would work for free at a theater," Garner, 42, said. "I didn't drink. I was never a big party girl, but I streaked," she continued with caution. "I was just in a 'naked frame of mind' ”I might have been the leader of the streakers and we just all streaked all summer."

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It lets me identify myself to the transaction signing mechanism by a fingerprint or PIN entered through a device that I own and therefore I know hasn’t been tampered with by the retailer or their staff.

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