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Troh, who was also born in Liberia, expressed sympathy for two Dallas nurses who cared for Duncan and who are now being treated for Ebola. She thanked the "angels from God" among the city officials and healthcare workers who assisted them.

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Under the act, which does not apply to Scotland, it is an offence to send another person a letter or electronic communication that contains an indecent or grossly offensive message, a threat or information which is false and known or believed by the sender to be false.

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European Commission President Jose Barroso warned U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron that he ismaking a “historic mistake” trying to curb immigration, andurged him to make a more positive case on the issue.

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Seniors are also being asked to lend a hand, with an ad that reads, “It’s more fun than an early-bird special,” and by stressing that retirees who stay active with volunteer projects tend to be healthier and live longer.

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They emphasised that these drugs are ‘indisputably valuable' when it comes to the treatment of anxiety and insomnia, but they warned that use of them ‘should be of short duration and not exceed three months'.

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Researchers calculated whether men were likely to be high pesticide absorbers or low or medium pesticide absorbers using a US national database which evaluates how much pesticide residue is expected to remain on various foods, depending on how they are usually eaten.

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“Because the technologies required to land large payloads on Mars are significantly different than those used here on Earth, investment in these technologies is critical,” said NASA’s Principal Investigator for NASA’s Propulsive Descent Technologies (PDT) project Robert Braun. “This is the first high-fidelitydata set of a rocket system firing into its direction of travel while traveling at supersonic speeds in Mars-relevant conditions. Analysis of this unique data set will enable system engineers to extract important lessons for the application and infusion of supersonic retro-propulsion into future NASA missions.”

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LONDON - British drugmaker Shire will lose its interim chieffinancial officer early next year to water supplier SevernTrent, the latest blow for Shire, whose proposed $55-billionacquisition by U.S. rival AbbVie was aborted last week. (SHIRE-MOVES/CFO (UPDATE 1), moved, 260 words)

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"There is a time lag between scientists who study fundamental processes and modellers who model those processes in a large scale model," explained one of the authors, Dr Lianhong Gu at Oak Ridge National Laboratory in the US.

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Royal Mail has launched a drive to recruit temporary workers across the UK to help sort the mail over Christmas. The group is recruiting 19,000 people, including 15,000 in England, 1,100 in Scotland, 600 in Wales and 400 in Northern Ireland, the Guardian has reported today. A further 2,000 people will be hired to help out with parcels at the group’s Parcelforce Worldwide division.The positions will be available between mid-November and early January 2015, with work peaking in December.

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The last flights by rescue helicopters in Mustang, Manang and Dolpa districts will be Monday, said Yadav Koirala of Nepal's Disaster Management Division. All the casualties were in those three districts, located northwest of the capital, Katmandu.

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The airdrops came amid reports of some of the fiercest fighting yet in the month-long battle for Kobani, with Reuters reporting that Islamic state fighters had attacked Kurdish fighters with mortars and car bombs. The Britain-based Syria Observatory for Human Rights claimed that 70 Islamic State fighters had been killed over two days, though those reports could not be immediately confirmed.

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This highlights how far Inditex has come from its first store in A Coruna, which still exists on a street corner next door to a dentist. However, the company’s methods have remained the same. This is encapsulated by Ortega himself, who still owns roughly 60pc of Inditex. At 78 he has stepped into a non-executive position on the board, but has lunch in the staff cafeteria every day.

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Data on Tuesday is expected to show that China's economylikely grew at its weakest pace in more than five years in thethird quarter as a property downturn weighed on demand,according to analysts polled by Reuters, raising the chances ofmore aggressive policy steps.

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To cite another example, PayPal’s app lets you order ahead at stores that use it so you can skip lines, and you can pay a restaurant check without having to wait for the waiter to bring it. Hill Ferguson, PayPal’s senior VP and chief product officer, concedes that none of the mobile wallet players has cracked mobile payments in retail stores. “We’re talking about changing massively ingrained behavior,” he says. “You can’t do that unless you’re solving a massive pain point.” Or better yet, several of them.

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The departure would be the first cabinet resignation for Abe, who took office in December 2012 for a rare second term, promising to revive Japan's stalled economy and strengthen its security stance to cope with challenges such as a rising China.

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"Already in this parliament, we have invested an extra 750m to improve early diagnosis and cancer care, but can only do that because we are taking the tough economic decisions that allow us to fund the NHS properly - decisions that Labour have opposed at every stage."

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That said, it is still worth trying to unblock the impasse. One sliver of hope was an initiative announced this month by Germany’s Gabriel and the French economy minister. They are going to come up with some joint suggestions about how the two economies could reform themselves.

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"I think there is a big possibility that in order to prevent his support rates from falling, the sales tax rise could be delayed for a year and a mid-sized economic package crafted," said Koichi Kurose, chief economist at Resona Bank.

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The several aspects of this cautionary tale are echoed by others, starting with that volatility epitomised by the common experience that measurements taken at home are consistently lower than in the surgery or hospital, which intuitively would seem to be a more reliable guide to the need for treatment. Further, the tendency of the blood pressure to rise under stress might also account for the situation, described by several, of how having discontinued their pills they not only feel much better but find their readings were now well within the normal range.

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The yen's drop to a six-year low against the dollar of110.09 on Oct. 1 followed a rapid decline of 8 percent overthree months, and sparked fears at some Japanese companies.Nearly half of Japanese firms think the government should startdefending the yen at this month's dollar high of 110, accordingto a Reuters survey released on Monday.

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Such a situation may seem hard to grasp in a region that gave women the vote in the early 1900s, rolled out gender quotas in politics in the 1970s and legalized shared parental leave in order to see fathers out pushing prams as often as mothers.

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Fast forward eight months to June this year, when an Italian debt collection agency wrote claiming €7,303 (5,683) on behalf of Locauto, saying that if I did not pay it would take me to court.

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It comes as no surprise to most people. Teens have had their faces buried in their, game consoles, their cell phones or other hand-held digital devices since they were small children, and now they're driving vehicles on our roads.

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Entering China is something "we are always interested in andalways studying," said spokeswoman Charlene Chian, who declinedto say whether Zuckerberg will hold any formal meetings withgovernment officials.

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